Social bookmarks is becoming the new marketing battlefield which is becoming more effective than retractable banners

US Internet community and the blogosphere in the past two years, many popular articles, news and events, if not Hemidemi, FunP or Myshare social bookmarking sites fueled, it will probably not cause so much attention. Social bookmarking, marketing people can not fail to ignore a new battlefield that is now becoming more important than ONE - retractable banners.

In fact, bookmarking sites are not new stuff, YAHOO! As early as the end of the last century, it has been providing YAHOO! Bookmarks service, but unfortunately had only bookmark service as a personal knowledge management and storage space, plus YAHOO! A large fortune, not to put too much resources in such a small function and did not develop into a "social bookmarking".

A few years later, (later YAHOO! bought), Furl, this form of social bookmarking sites spring up, each user still upload their own bookmark, store, but through an open interface, you can see how many people have a collection of the same bookmarks, and under what label these bookmarks sudden personal information can be combined with each other to become useful information, but also to become a model of so-called "Web 2.0" services early.

Online keyword ad outperform the effectiveness of traditional retractable banner marketing

The prevalence of Internet officially declared the era of information explosion, and the general public the role of passively receiving information from the past, into the current initiative information gatherers. Consumers also began in the pre-consumer through the gathering of information, to ensure that they buy the products or services that best meets the needs.
For marketers, how to master these consumer preferences and characteristics, effectively arouse curiosity and active interest in the company's products or services, and produce the desire to purchase, and will also become the most important challenges. "Keyword advertising" is out of the One Group : retractable banner marketing trend this consumer initiative significantly enhance the new marketing mode.

How to promote Valentine's Day business with retractable banner stand

Valentine's Day, February 14 is the day of ambiguous or love between men and women to each other gifts, to express their mind. Various commodities and pathways, all to make every marketing effort including the use of retractable banner stands to strive for the couple the attention of consumers. In addition to the physical channel, the war sights on Valentine's Day market also spread to the Internet auction platform, the various racquet platform for Valentine's Day activities, to stimulate users transactions, is also available to the reference Valentine's gift selection.

Yahoo! auction will launch a special "Valentine's Day happiness commodity" zone, exposed in the auction home, in addition to the flagship courtship bouquet teaser, Valentine hot commodities together to provide more convenience to the consumer selection of Valentine's Day gifts. Open-air auction play the evaluation doll "Lulu" couple voted activities, so users can write confession of love for Lulu, will access the "Open-limited exclusive doll", as well as the opportunity to own Lulu styling doll at auction Home on the exposure, to convey love.